Definite Movement :)

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Definite Movement :)

So I think I just had a couple full-out flips happening in my abdomen!!
This is the first time that I can for sure say it's the baby moving, and not 50/50 thinking either it could be the baby, or it could just be gas Blum 3
....And it couldn't have come at a better time! I'm having a crappy day at work (well, a crappy few weeks where nothing goes right) and I'm sitting at my desk honestly crying in frustration, and baby starts doing flips Smile Totally made me stop crying and smile!

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So awesome Jo !!!!!

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That's fantastic Smile Sometimes I swear they can tell when we need something, I had a nightmare the other night about losing this baby and when I woke up he/she was flipping and rolling like crazy, made it much easier to calm down lol

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That is amazing, Jo!! Yay!!

I've been beeling Baby Boy more frequently too. He's been rolling and kicking and it can be felt on the outside as well. Hubby got kicked on his wrist the other day and he was the happiest guy ever. LOL

I hope you start feeling him all the time soon!! The BEST feeling in the world for sure! Biggrin

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That's awesome!! I too think that sometimes they know that we're not feeling so hot and need some reassurance. Smile