diaper genie?

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diaper genie?

Ok ladies, since I had DD1 Diaper Genie has made some design changes. Back then you had to twist the thing and each diaper basically was sealed individually (into a long chain of diaper pearls lol) which eliminated the smell. Now it seems that it's an expensive garbage can with equally expensive 'bags' since there is no more twisting, just open the lid and drop it in...

For our BTDT Moms, has anyone used the new style? Does it help at all or is it a waste of $$?

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We kept publix bags (or doggie doody bags by the changing table and then tossed into our kitchen garbage bag since it gets emptied once a day. Double bagging seemed to do the trick, never smelled like diapers. We also would spray a little febreeze air fresh into the can with each diaper package deposit Smile

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This might sound crazy, but I have a diaper genie for my dog. 1) It's the only way my dog can't get into bathroom trash...she's figured everything else out. 2) She has bladder issues and we use wee wee pads. I had the older twist version and prefer the new version way more. Somehow they made it more airtight and its less stinky IMO. You push the bag down past the clamp thingy and it seals it. I think the bags last longer too.