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Anyone have one or thinking of getting one? I bought the sonoline b doppler a little over a year ago and I finally pulled it back out yesterday and I found the h/b at 9 weeks! My RE showed me exactly where to look and I was able to find the h/b within 30 seconds. It's going to be really hard trying not to use it every day. I'm just glad I have it to ease my fears between u/s. Biggrin

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How cool ! DH would look at me like I'm nuts if I suggested it Smile I think that is amazing though! I can't wait to hear a heartbeat!!!

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That's awesome! I'm thinking I want one as well Smile DH is all for it - he can't wait to hear the hb

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I don't have one because I know I would use it way too much! And if I ever couldn't find a heartbeat, I'd freak. And chances are I would just be user error, so I don't want to put myself through that.

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That is so cool! I totally want one, but I know I'd be another that if I couldn't find the HB, I would freak out and head straight for the hospital!
I might still see if I can convince Hubby into renting one though Wink

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I am a nurse, and have one at work that I can use if I want to. I know if I had one at home, I would probably get obsessed over it so I probably won't buy my own

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I got one when I was pregnant with #3 and I loved it. It was hard not to use it too much at first, but it was especially nice after I started feeling movement. Whenever baby was quiet for a while I could pull out the doppler and check on him. It was a little better than eating a bowl of ice cream to try to wake him up. Wink

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I'll probaby freak out too if I can't find the h/b one day. I actually am REALLY glad I have it because I had a spotting episode on Saturday. I had a bit of pink spotting and I was sooo freaked out. I grabbed my doppler and was able to find the h/b right away. I probably would have spent the entire weekend stressed out if I didn't have the doppler to ease my fears a bit. I'm still nervous....I have another u/s tomorrow so hopefully everything is progressing okay.

I've been using the doppler every other day for a few minutes each time. I think I'm going to have Hubby lock it away in one of our safes so I don't use it so often! It's just so hard not to use it after having 3 m/c and a cp. ~sigh~

I was mainly worried about the negative effect the doppler might have on a developing embryo/fetus but I read that in order for damage to occur they had to have full strength ultrasound in one place for 30 minutes (in mice). So, hopefully using a doppler for a few minutes is just fine.

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We rented one from my OB's office with my first pregnancy and it was a godsend to keep me from freaking out when I couldn't yet feel the baby move. Not sure if we are going to get one this time though. I do remember worrying what it was doing to my dd because she would kick the wand whereever it was touching my stomach and I wonder how it was effecting her to make her kick it accurately EVERY time.