Feeling a little bummed

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Feeling a little bummed

My body has confused me this cycle.....Cycle day 8 we start bd'ing every other day and OPK's everyday( this is my first cycle with the maca powder) for a whole week I was getting needling like pains in my ovaries...... cycle day 14 my OPK test line was half neg and half pos...for the next couple of days thee OPK was getting lighter......we keep bd'ing every other day up until cycle day 18.......Well, on cycle day 21(that evening) I went to the Bathroom(TMI) and wiped some mucus and start having lower abdominal achi-ness on my way back home from visiting my mother(out of town)........ When we finally got home, I went to the bathroom I still had had stretchy like mucus.....My husband went straight to bed because he wasn't feeling well so, I didn't tell him what was going on with my body; however, I took it up on myself to get him in the mood...It took a while for him to get in the mood but I finally did it( I didn't test because it was late when we got home on Saturday and I ran out of OPK )...we DTD the next day as well(I bought an opk and It was not as dark as the control line)...In addition, Sunday night I had a vivid dream that I had 6 test in my hand .... 3 was negative and 3 had the date February 1, 20?( I guess it was me having wishful thinking)

Any who, I don't know If I ovulated on Cycle day 15(14 OPK was half and half ) or 22 ( when I had the eggy mucus with with lower abdominal achi-ness on cycle day 21)........ I have a mild cast of PCOS so I don't know how reliable the OPK was for me this month.........a part of me feels that it may have been a cyst and nothing happened with this cycle.... If AF not here by the 23 then I will test on the 26

Sorry it was so long

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From my experience, I would go by the mucus. I have found your body's tell tail signs are more accurate than the OPKs. According to the months I did the OPK tests I ovulated on day 15, 16, or 17... The month I got pregnant I ovulated more like day 10 or so??? There is so much room for error with those tests...

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It sounds like you had all your bases covered with bd'ing regardless of when you o'd. It's frustrating when you don't really know where you are in a cycle though. I hope af stays away! Good luck!