Fetal Echo results :) xp

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Fetal Echo results :) xp

We finally had our fetal echo done today, only 10 weeks late (grrrrr). Luckily they were able to get some good views of baby's heart and rule out any major abnormalities. Valves look good and blood flow was just as it should be! At this gestational age that's as good of a report as we can expect Smile

Baby is measuring a bit ahead still, though not enough for them to change my EDD. She's weighing in at just over 5lbs now though - she's gonna be a bruiser I'd say.

Unfortunately with less than 7 weeks left she's not only in breach but her bum is wedged tightly in my pelvis already. They tried to confirm gender but she was way too low (not to mention facing my back) and they couldn't even get close to getting a peek. I had been thinking she dropped (at least a bit) over the weekend because suddenly I can eat a full meal and am having a much easier breathing. Hopefully we can get her to turn around in the next few weeks so I can avoid a section!

Going to check out spinningbabies.com!

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That is wonderful news !!!! Now I hope she gets herself positioned right!

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Yay for good news!!! That's got to feel so great getting that info after finally getting the fetal echo Smile

As for her position, fingers crossed she turns! I tried spinning babies when baby was turned transverse (did the steep inversion stretch for 30 seconds at a time) and it worked for me, baby is now back to being head down. Give it a try, it couldn't hurt!!

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Awesome news!! So glad everything looked great with Maggie's heart. Smile

I hope she turns for you soon!

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Great report on the important part, her heart!!! That is wonderful news.

I hope she turns for you soon! We have some stubborn babies on this board!

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this one already takes after her very VERY stubborn father... lol