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Finally! (xp)

Because DD1 was born with a heart defect called pulmonary valve stenosis (which was undetected in her 20w u/s), and my risk of another child being born with a heart defect is now increased slightly, her pediatric cardiologist has told me we'd need a fetal echo done to really check any future baby's heart well. It's possible that another child could be born with a more severe defect which would require delivering at the children's hospital about 7 hours away, that's the worst case scenario and only a very slim possibility, however they'd rather be prepared in that instance. Better safe than sorry right?

Well my doctors here, although they were informed and indicated to us that they were sending a request for a fetal Echo - didn't bother sending one. Dr 'dismissive' said that nothing was found on the 20 w u/s so they figured it was fine because DD1's was found then right? NO and for the millionth time (one of the down falls of not having ONE specific doctor assigned to me) we didn't find out until AFTER birth, and we had to spend extra time in the hospital because she was born on a holiday and the children's hospital that needed to do a web-based consult was at minimum staffing. I spent the first 2 days of her life terrified it was something severe and I'd lose her. She couldn't regulate her body temp (despite her large size) or nurse (she couldn't stay awake long enough and it was to much work for her to get at the fats she needed so she burned more calories than she consumed). Grrr.

After my last appointment where I PUSHED and argued they finally faxed the form and we got our appointment! We'll be 10 weeks late (it should be done before 24 weeks according to the cardiologist) but better late than never! I can't wait to see our littlest princess again, I'm nervous too though, hope it's all good! DH has a minor heart defect as well but it's a common one and not an issue like DD1's. Now come on January 14th!!

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So glad to hear that you finally got your doctor to send over the order for an echo. Good luck at the appointment and I'll keep everything crossed that your little girl has a perfectly healthy heart! Biggrin

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That's awesome that you finally got your appt! Glad you pushed with the Dr's, they write things off and dismiss them far too often!! January 14th will be here before you know it Smile