Gender dreams

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Gender dreams

So for the whole 1st trimester, I had this gut feeling that the baby would be a boy. However in the past couple weeks I've dreamed about the baby, and dreamed she was a girl Smile Not to mention I've been looking at furniture and nursery decorations, and I've only been drawn to girl stuff!!

Has anyone else started to think that their predictions / gut feelings are wrong?

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Hmmm....I can't wait for you to find out!

I kind of had an advantage due to ivf and pgd so I don't really count but I never once had a thought or dreamed girl. I always thought BOY. lol Smile

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I've had dreams that I'm having a girl and I keep inadvertently almost calling the baby her/she or even "girlie" without thinking about it. The other day, I caught myself saying, "little girl". This is despite even the strongest logical feeling that it's probably a boy (based on history lol) so maybe there's something to that? Or just wishful thinking. lol

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I'm sure am having a girl and keep dreaming I go to scans and they all say girl too and I'm only looking at girl stuff. My friend said why you not looking at boy stuff? I said dunno just feel girl.
Guess I'll find out next Friday for sure. If they tell me it's a boy I will be flawed.