Gender scan booked :-)

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Gender scan booked :-)

Well after much debate I went with booking an early gender scan ( which is in 4d too) so instead of finding out on 10/10/11 I'll find out the day after our holiday in Spain (14 sep 12) and it will give me piece of mind I guess after flying.

Any one else got One booked ? Or plan too?

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Yay! How exciting! What a fun treat right after your vacation too! Smile My scan is in 2 days. I can't wait!

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Congrats - that's so exciting!! We haven't booked ours yet, but we should be getting it sometime around mid September. Another 3 or 4 weeks, I don't know if I can wait that long!

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How fantastic! I can't wait to hear the results!!!

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How exciting! We haven't scheduled ours yet but DH is probably going to miss it. Sad

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Yay!! Exciting! Your scan is just a few days after ours, it's scheduled for September 11th.