Great 12 week scan! (pic of scan and pic of my family included)

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Great 12 week scan! (pic of scan and pic of my family included)

We met with the ultrasound tech and got to see our little "muffin" :D. Hearing the heartbeat was such a beautiful sound. DH and DD were there and the tech made my DD a part of the ultrasound exam. She asked and answered all my DD's questions and gave DD her very own photo of her little brother or sister. It was so sweet! NT scan and blood work showed everything looks great.

After the ultrasound, DH went back to work and DD went with me to see my midwife for her exam. I LOVE this midwife! She pulled a chair up to the other side of the exam table and had my DD climb up to "help" with the exam. She gave my DD the heart monitor and together they found the heartbeat. The look of amazement and joy on my DD's face when she heard it almost made me cry. I am so glad I found this midwife. I have only ever seen OB's so I was nervous as to what to expect. She is so amazing and I just love her! The office has OB's and midwives so it's cool to have both options. Anyway. All looks fantastic and I have only gained 5 lbs so far. My nausea is pretty much gone and I am FINALLY getting my energy back, YAY!

Off topic, DD needed a "family photo" for school so we finally have a current family photo that I thought I'd post...

Thanks for looking Dirol

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Yay for an awesome NT scan!! It sounds like you guys all had a great time. I'm glad that you love your midwife. It's so important to find a healthcare provider that you actually LIKE. Biggrin

Beautiful family pic!!! Biggrin

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What a great scan! Your midwife sounds amazing - I love how involved she made your DD!
And what a beautiful family!!

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Scan pic is great Smile how great you have such a good midwife, and to make dd part of it too x

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That's so awesome that your mw included your DD like that! I'm envious! lol