Had 1st apt with midwife and a scan

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Had 1st apt with midwife and a scan

Hey all Smile hope everyone is doin well.

I saw my midwife on Wednesday and did all the paper work. She sent me for a early scan as been having weird cramp pain. So had scan today and I saw the heart beating. From my dates I'm 7 week today and due 22/2/13 but the size of baby was 4.8mm which she says is less than 6 weeks preg. She did say scan can be out about a week. But made me worry abit.

I also have a underactive thyroid which means I have to see a consultant regularly to check my levels.

Even worse I didn't get a picture Sad

Thanks for listening x

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I am glad you got to see he heart beating. That is reassuring ! I hope everything is ok.

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HB is reassuring. Try not to worry. Sorry you didn't get a pic! That kinda sucks! Sad

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Sorry you didn't get a picture. Sad At my u/s the date was off by 6 days. I also have low thyroid- I need to get over there & check my levels soon. It does sound like things are OK- was there a heartbeat yet?

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My 2nd pg was off by a week and my son was perfectly normal. I think what is important is you saw a heartbeat Smile

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Yay for a h/b! Early u/s can be off my 2-3 days and if you O'd a few days later that would explain the difference. I know it's hard not to worry, though. Will you get a follow up u/s?

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That sucks you didn't get a picture, but hooray for seeing the HB! Must have been so exciting!

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Yay for a heartbeat! I'm sure everything's fine. You probably just ovulated a little late. The dating by first date of last period assumes a perfect 28 day cycle with O on day 14.