Had a little fall down the stairs

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Had a little fall down the stairs

Well fell down about 5 stairs - luckily on my back and ended up doing the splits too - which hasn't helped my spd Sad

Went to mat *** unit and they did a trace and heart beat was fine and bp ok. They took bloods and I got another anti d injection. Had no bleeding or anything so am very lucky.

I asked if she defo head down and mentioned about being breech and tree always doubt etc so she took me in for a quick scan Smile and the little devil is defo head down. Was lovely getting to see her before she arrives.

Well that was Saturday and apart from the aching legs and shoulder I'm fine Smile 3 weeks until due date - no signs at although at me apt the wed before she was 2/5 and now 4/5.

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How scary!!! How are you feeling so far? Glad you went to get checked out (better safe than sorry). I HATE our stairs. I swear our next home will be a one story! (((hugs)))

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I'm so glad you and baby are okay! Yay for baby being head down! Hopefully she'll be here soon! Smile