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I was hesitant to join because I'm due so late in the month but I was lurking a bit and it seems like I'm not the only one. Wink Those of you that are due late, have you joined the March board as well? I'm just not sure where I belong.

I'm Danielle, mommy to 3 boys already. Adam is 10, Logan is 5 (6 next month), and Xander is 2.5 My EDD is February 27th but all of my boys were late so realistically, we're probably looking at a March baby. The earliest of my sons, Xander, was 4 days late so I will be very surprised if this one is on time.

This little one on the way was unexpected but we wanted more children anyway so we're all pretty excited about it. We are hoping for a girl this time around because a change would be nice.

I had my first u/s this morning (I'll post a pic when I get around to scanning it) and baby's hb was 171.

I'm never really good at introductions so feel free to ask away. Smile Oh, I did see in the sticky that someone was asking if anyone knew how to make blinkies. If you haven't found someone to do them, I'm more than willing to play around with some.

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Hello Danielle! Congratulations on your wonderful surprise and welcome to February! There are a few ladies that are straddling both boards so feel free to post here and March. Maybe this little one will surprise you and actually arrive on time or even early! You never know, right? Wink I'm glad you had an awesome u/s and got to see/hear the heartbeat! I would love to see the pic of your little bean. Biggrin

I hope you have a very HH9M and can't wait to get to know you better!

PS - yay! we would absolutely love to have you make some blinkies for us.

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Welcome to February!! Congrats on your surprise little bean, sounds like it was a good U/S this morning! I'll add you to the EDD thread Smile
And it's be awesome if you want to make blinkies for us!! Smile

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I am jumping between this board and March. My EDD is March 3, but both my kids came early on their own so I'm hanging out here, too Smile

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Welcome and congrats! I am due Feb 8 and lurk on the Jan board, but haven't officially joined.

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Hi Danielle! I'm Cathy Smile Congratulations on baby #4! Have you told the other kids yet?

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Thanks for the warm welcome ladies! I have told the other kids but mostly because my younger two were climbing on me and I wanted them to understand that they had to be careful. Wink

The morning sickness is killing me this time around. I was sick with all of my boys but with my first, I was actually vomiting every day through the whole pregnancy. Eating had to be timed perfectly but I was still eating. With #2, I was vomiting until the end of the first trimester and then just nauseous for the rest of the pregnancy. I could not cook for myself because the smells made me sick but I could eat most of the time. With #3, I vomited maybe once and most of the nausea went away after the first trimester.

All I did for those three pregnancies was eat saltines, pretzels, chew mint gum, sip ginger ale, etc. I didn't need to resort to anything medicinal even when it was at it's worst. This time though; OH BOY! I spent most of the past 3 weeks barely eating because every time I looked at food I felt my stomach turn upside down. I've tried mints, saltines, seabands and even zofran with no luck. I called my mw's office and instead of actually getting her, the OB on call phoned me in some phenegren...which I was hesitant to take and scared the heck out of me when I took one out of desperation. I've eaten today though so hopefully things are resolving on their own because I'm not taking the phenegren again, even if it did actually help. It was just too scary-especially for someone who doesn't even like taking tylenol when pregnant. Wink

Anyway, for blinkies, what kinds of things do we like? I know my last BB is January Jumpingbeans- has anyone decided what this group will be? I'm already playing around in photoshop/illustrator making my pregnancy announcement so it's not a hassle and tbh, I could use the break from my announcement. Blinkies are fun and I enjoy them, making argyle by hand for my announcement? NOT SO MUCH! Blum 3