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Hi guys! I have been lurking this past week and finally decided to post. My name is Emily and I am the mom of 2 sweet boys, Logan who is 5 1/2 and Connor who just turned 3. I also have 2 angel babies. I have been a member of these boards since ds#1's pregnancy, but haven't been on much since then. I took a test about 2 weeks ago and was shocked to see 2 lines. I am cautiously joining, due to my previous m/C's. I believe according to my LMP that I will be 6 weeks tomorrow and due at the end of Feb. I had 2 previous c sections so I am sure, if this one sticks, that it will arrive mid to late Feb!

Just wanted to introduce myself

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Lol guess I need to update my profile, they aren't that small anymore

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YAY! congratulations! I have a Logan too! he is a spitfire and full of energy... does it have anything to do with the name? Mine is going to be 5 in sept

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Congratulations and welcome to Feb! I'm sorry about your previous losses. I hope you have a very HH9M!

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Congrats !!!

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congrats!! HH9M!!

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