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Just curious to hear what hobbies you enjoy. Anyone?

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I'm a total bookworm. I read the entire Harry Potter series last summer while on vacation from school. I'm currently reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I've also started teaching myself to crochet, so I'm excited to work on that over the summer. I've crocheted a few headbands for my girls, but am looking forward to learning how to do blankets and scarves.

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I read like crazy! Almost anything that is not science like. Yuck.

I am developing a love for going on runs... Not sure if it is because it is rare I get alone time, or what. But I like it!

I am a Masters student so most of my "free" time right now is spent on homework...

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I am an avid (obsessed) knitter.

Right now I am totally nuts, my family is having a 75th birthday party/parent's anniversary party/ family reunion June 25th. I decided to make my dress, never mind the only clothes I have sewn in the past 20 years are two pairs of kids pant, and never anything with a zipper!

To make it even crazier I decided to knit a shawl to go with it since it is a sundress and it could be cool at night.

Did I mention I work full time and DH will be out of town one of the weekends between now and then? (my only time to sew).

I do have a back-up dress, just in case.

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OK, Kim...I have a book suggestion that is "science-like," but a great one to read while you are in school because it's short stories. "Bonk" by Mary Roach is the title. It's about sexual physiology. It's not titillating, but it's really interesting. I had to share the story about the pig farmers with my RE. Read it and you'll understand why I had to share after many boring appointments.

CamelNoodle...you're definitely crazy. Sounds like the kind of project I would take on. Wink Thankfully, my mom has been sewing her entire life and is on speed dial to help when I hit sleeves or zippers (haven't dealt with either in years though!). I used to knit and crochet. Not sure why I don't now.

When I have time I really enjoy woodworking. There's a cabinet making class going on at our local community college this summer and I'm seriously thinking about taking it. My husband wants to, too. I should post some pictures of the built-ins we're putting in a new room that used to be a porch. Depressed about that room at this point though because there's work that needs to be done above it and we just realized that work is making the ceiling crack. Sad

I also love to read (almost anything), putz around our garden, and run. I used to be an avid backpacker and kayaker, but life has gotten in the way. It was much easier to do outdoorsy stuff when I lived in Northern CA instead of the Midwest.

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I read... Read, read, read, and read... I've read 38 books so far this year. Not slowing down anytime soon.

It really what I do to relax and unwind, you know?

I used to make jewelry before Sophia was born, but now I'm always worried if I bring out my beading she'll choke on a bead or something. Sad I miss it, though!

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I'm also a book worm Biggrin my good friend and I started a book club, we have 11 members and it's closed membership now. I love it.. we read 1 book a month (for the club) each member gets to host a month and it's their book choice. then we meet up for dinner, wine and discussion. love it!

Holly, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is a good book! let me know how you like it.. the movie is good graphic like the book.

Kimberly and Beth, I like to run also.. I haven't done it in a while but I really want to start back. it just made me feel SO good!

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I've started back into running again too! Still working on short runs but slowly getting back to my old 5-6k/day habit Smile

I'm also an avid reader, loved the Millennium trilogy but haven't seen the girl with the Dragon tattoo movie yet. I read all 3 books over a span of about a week and a half.

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CamelNoodle- wow, I do think you are crazy. I can't wait to see how your project comes out.

Beth- I will see if our local library has that book. Hey, where in Northern CA did you live? I live in Cali.

Cindyanns- do you have a favorite author? I used to make homemade xmas ornaments with beads and those sewing pins I think. They were such a big hit with family but so time consuming.

Nidia- I am jealous of your book club. I would love to be in one.

Crystal- I am so glad you are running too. Your posts are helping to motivate me!!

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I'm a huge reader as well....I've never got less than 4 books on my night stand (gotta have choices ;)), and I'll read pretty much anything that interests me. So that means my bookshelf has everything from smut to new-agey philosophy to thriller to young adults stuff (harry potter, hunger games, etc)

Other than that, I'm a dancer, so at least once a year I get some pretty serious cases of shin splints, and I'm also an amateur photographer.

I keep trying to get into running....DH is a runner, and I always wish I could go for a run with him. I was in a 'learn to run' club this spring and was really enjoying it, but then life got in the way, and I just stopped going....

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Kim, I lived in Blue Lake which is about 8 miles inland from Arcata; just north of Eureka. Humboldt County. Loved it!

Jo, keep trying! New habits are hard to form. My husband recently started going to the gym for he first time in his life. His cholesterol and triglycerides are high and he doesn't want to take meds. Some weeks he goes 1 day, other weeks he goes 3 days. I have to keep reminding him that it takes time before something new becomes habitual.

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"mrs.doolittle" wrote:

Kim, I lived in Blue Lake which is about 8 miles inland from Arcata; just north of Eureka. Humboldt County. Loved it!


That is the area my DH grew up in. Fieldbrook rd, just right up from Blue Lake. Still have family there!

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