Holy Contractions Batman!

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Holy Contractions Batman!

Yesterday I was contracting like crazy, if I stood up or tried to do anything I got so super tight. I tried a warm bath and a nap (dog wouldn't have any of that, he barked every 5 mins until I finally gave up after a half an hour..) it helped a bit but they came back shortly after. The only thing that made them go away was staying off my feet entirely, which is also the reason I didn't go into L&D to get checked out, since they did ease when I was sitting or laying. They weren't painful exactly but man it felt like my belly was in a vice grip!

Today thankfully I've had none! I think it was all a result of being way too over tired as I hadn't slept much the night before.

Anyone else have crazy contractions from lack of sleep?

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Yikes, glad they went away!!

I've been getting some pretty good strong ones, but they go away as soon as I sit or lay down though. I don't think mine have much to do with sleep (or lack thereof lately!), but if I'm on my feet for too long (like spending a few hours in the kitchen cooking), then I get them pretty strongly.

I get so excited reading about all the new babies on the January board it makes me wonder if any of us are going to meet our babies early.

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Everytime someone has their baby I check out their due date. You guys are next and I'm all excited because then there's only ONE month in front of me!
Crystal, I hope that your contractions stay away. I read a lot about people who aren't drinking enough water or stressed out or not sleeping, they have contractions ... so apparently alot causes them

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I have been in some extreme pain lately with something awful! My symptom is if I am sitting prolonged and stand up, my lower pelvic/abdomen hurts really bad and gets really tight... wouldn't call it a contraction, but definitely think there might be a baby's head behind my pelvic bone causing me some bad pain

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I'm also having some contractions that are probably to do with lack of sleep and spending too much time on my feet. Also if I lift things, like my 3 year old, that tends to lead to at least one. It's hard to avoid standing and lifting when I'm still working and you know taking care of a 3 year old, but I do what I can. I try to stop whatever I'm doing and take a nap when DD does whenever I can.

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Oh wow, glad the contractions stop when you take it easy! Try to get more rest and keep your feet up...though, I know it's getting more difficult. Hopefully you were able to get some sleep last night!

I get BH contractions all the time but they aren't painful. I mostly get them if I've been on my feet a whole lot.

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I get tons of tightenings when I walk or do physical stuff like cleaning. Our bodies are getting ready!

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I have been having more and more cramping on and off the past couple of days. Nothing consistent, but hoping it means something will happen soon! Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks! WOO HOO!