How are you planning on saving money?

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How are you planning on saving money?

We all know that babies are expensive, especially if you're going to be taking a salary hit by going on mat leave. So, I thought this would be interesting to hear what everyone is doing. are you planning to save money?

For us, we're trying to bank as much of my pay as possible and keep it in reserve for half the mortgage when I'm on leave, since we don't really know what type of contract DH is going to get next year.

We're also going to start shopping for the 'big ticket' items in the fall so we can spread out the big purchases, and getting in the habit of picking up a box or 2 of diapers/wipes when we see them on sale to hopefully build up a little bit of a stockpile.

As for baby stuff, well craigslist and kijiji sites are awesome, and we're starting to browse those. If baby is a boy, we're set for clothes! everyone we know (best friend, her friends, my sister in law, etc) have ALL had boys, so there's a TON of handmedowns getting passed along to everyone.

I'm also a huge lover of my crockpot, so once a week I try to make a freezer dinner (if I find meat on sale)....toss the meat, sauces, spices, veggies, etc all into a bag and freeze it. That way I just have to take it out, let it thaw over night, and throw it in the crockpot in the morning for a super easy dinner.

Anyone else? Any plans on saving money for when the baby is here?

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We always buy on sale. I am hesitant to get too much stuff like diapers and wipes ahead of time because, for us, both of our kids only had certain brands of diapers they could use either bc of skin issues or because of leaking. So I will not probably buy too much diapers ahead of time.

Since this is our third and it was unexpected (meaning we got rid of all our baby stuff) we will probably be buying a lot of hand-me-down stuff and not buying too much brand new.

Now time savers- that's another thread, but something I need to focus on!

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We're already down to one income, for now we've got my EI though. We are trying to do all the little projects on the house before that runs out while creating a savings buffer and paying off debt.

Being that my 1st is 8 1/2 we have no baby things so we'll need everything. There were lots of things I had with DD that I really didn't end up needing and a few things I wish I had so I'm starting a list now. We'll start getting diapers with groceries by the 3rd trimester and DH will no doubt have a diaper party! (Don't worry about brands/sizes Jo pretty much every store will exchange diapers for another size or brand!) I'm sure there will also be a big baby shower as well - too many people have been waiting a long time for this! LOL

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Well, we really don't need any baby stuff, so we're good there. The birth will be expensive regardless if we go to a hospital (DH's insurance sucks) or home birth, so we're trying to decide what to do. The other big thing we're probably going to need is a minivan, since our cars probably aren't going to work with 3 kids. So I guess I answered how we're going to spend money, not save it. lol

Honestly, weI cloth diaper, so we're already set there, and I BF, so no formula to buy. If it's a girl we're more than set with clothing. If it's a boy, we'll just get some necessities. We already have the stroller, the baby carrier, etc, and babies don't need much else. So other than the 2 big expenses, we should be good to go.

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Well av been really lucky I have been given a car seat with base (hardly used) and have been ear marked a cot a Moses basket a high chair and a steriliser Smile ohh and a pram off girl from work.

I'm lucky with work too as in I get 6 months full pay then 6 months basis so havnt got much in place for that Sad

At the moment I'm trying to finish unfinished jobs around house like painting and need a carpet for the passage.

I will probably stock pile nappies and wipes from about 7 months . Milk I am going to have a go at bf so that will save a fair bit ?

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Well, we have most of the big ticket items because of Sophia. We have an awesome swing, lots of toys, if it's a girl we're set on clothes. Lol We're going to use the co-sleeper we used with Sophia until the baby is 6 months, then at that time we'll be switching Sophia to a toddler bed (which we'll just buy then) and putting the baby in Sophia's crib.

We're going to need a new Sit N Stand. We have Sophia's travel system so we don't need a new one of those, but I'd like to have a stroller for Sophia and a place to put the travel system carseat and that's kind of what Sit N Stands are made for! They sound AMAZING! This will be my most exciting purchase of my pregnancy. Wink

We'll start buying diapers early, but honestly, they're not *that* big of an expense. At least, nothing compared to medical bills.

Just paying the medical bills as we go. We have savings and we kind of live below our means all the time and we just live off DH's income as it is, so I'm not too worried.

As for baby clothes, if it's a boy, CONSIGNMENT SALES!!! I ***love, love, love*** consignment sales! There's a bunch of them every Fall and Spring in Portland and it's so exciting and lots of fun! I always consign Sophia's old clothes and toys to get some extra money, which I always just end up spending at the sales. Lol The awesome thing is when you consign, you get to go to the pre-sales. Biggrin I'd look up the consignment sales in your city, I don't think this is just a Portland thing. Wink