Joining you...I LOVE winter babies!

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Joining you...I LOVE winter babies!

Hi! I'm Jenny and we are expecting our third in early February! We have two little girls, who will be 2 and almost 4 when this little one arrives! Though we weren't trying/preventing, this feels like a surprise. I am, of course, hoping everything goes well and we'll meet him/her this winter.

I am a first grade teacher and my DH is a corporate pilot. I'm looking forward to napping with the girls this summer.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

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Hi Jenny! So awesome to be sharing a BB with you again! Biggrin

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Yay congrats!!

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Congrats !

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Hi Jenny! Congratulations on #3! I am also a teacher- 2nd grade. This is our last week. Smile Enjoy your summer! Just curious- what will you do for maternity leave? Are your girls in day-care? I'm always wondering what other teachers do.

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Congratulations! I hope ou have a very HH9M!! Biggrin

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I think Jenny may have had a miscarriage based on another post. If I am wrong, someone please correct me - that happens!!

Jenny - I hope you are doing ok!

P.S. Nicole - I tried sending you a private message first, but your inbox is full...

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