June Challenge Week 2! Show us what you've got -- to say that is!
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Thread: June Challenge Week 2! Show us what you've got -- to say that is!

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    Default June Challenge Week 2! Show us what you've got -- to say that is!

    Congratulations to our Top Comments of Week 1's Challenge:

    It was a tie between AlyssaEimers and wishing4agirl!! Way to go! Thanks for participating!

    Now, it is on to Week 2 of our June Challenge!! Everyone is bound to find something of interest! Check out all that is new this week on Pregnancy.org. Click on at least three - five articles below (or more!) that interest you and then weigh in with your thoughts within the comment section of each! Our site is member driven and we want to hear from YOU!! Add YOUR tips, advice, and feedback... even if you disagree! Have a comment that you want to respond to? Go for it! We'll announce those with Top Comments next week!

    For our Pregnant Parents

    Dieting Guidelines for Pregnancy -- Fight Obesity, Avoid Complications

    The Pregnant Gal's Guide to Surviving Summer

    Safety Tips for Yard Sale Treasures

    Fast Facts About SIDS -- Protect Your Baby!

    Prenatal Visits: Second Trimester Gestational Diabetes Screening

    Nesting Ideas to Make Your First Weeks Easier After Birth

    Dad Returns From Active Duty Hours Before Baby?s High-Risk Birth

    Video Picks of the Week

    Dental Care During Pregnancy

    Your Diet and Your Breast Milk

    Recipes of the Week

    Recipe: Moist and Delicious Applesauce Cake

    Recipe: Connie's Chicken Pasta Salad

    Recipe: Kansas City Barbecued Ribs

    Recipe: Grilled Marinated Shrimp: Your Way

    Recipe: Black Bean and Corn Salad

    Recipe: Scrumptious Gluten-Free Oatmeal Pancakes

    Recipe: Savory Scrambled Egg Muffins

    For Everyone

    Stop Smoking Techniques for Women

    Toxoplasmosis Answer Sheet

    A Cancer Survivor Shares Her Story
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