Just curious..

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Just curious..

Hey all! I'm just curious if anyone else has experienced symptoms comin and going I'm trying no to be a worry wart sometimes I can't help it :/

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I've been feeling the same way, my symptoms aren't consistent and sort of come and go.

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I'm having the same thing. Some days I have morning sickness and other days I'm fine.

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Not consistent here either. Some days I feel FINE with little to no symptoms and other days I feel awful with constant nausea and fatigue. I wouldn't worry, but I know its hard!

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Thanks ladies! It's nice to know that im not the only one having inconsistency! Sometimes it's hard not to worry but I do feel much better Smile

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Yep! Same here, I think it's completely normal. When I hit 8 weeks my m/s completely disappeared and I totally freaked. I went in for an u/s and everything was fine. About a week later my m/s returned....lol. It still comes and goes but I have more good days than bad. I know it's hard not to worry, though!

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Yes, that's how I've been. I was pretty queasy for several weeks. Off and on there were days when I felt fine. The last few days I've felt pretty good.

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Yes! Though lately its just been a lot of feeling crappy with small spurts of feeling ok.