Just tested....

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Just tested....

Not sure what to make of it.....

I think I see something but it's super light...and I should be far enough along for it to be dark. I know I didn't get a lot on the stick, but I'm puzzled none the less...

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I see something but the lighting is not great. Can you take another pic? :goodluck:

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I think I see something! Do you have another test at home? If you do, test again tomorrow morning!
Good Luck!!

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I definitely see a line! Do you have another test for tomorrow morning?

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Try with FMU tomorrow. I definitely see a line too, but if you tested in the evening, urine might be diluted.

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I definatly see it! Hope you're able to test again today. Some tests just didn't get as dark for me as others did early on.

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DH brought home only one. I'm going to slip out on my lunch break and buy one....and hold for as long as I can. Then we'll try again. I'm also going to put in a call to the doctor and see if they'll do a blood test for me. Thanks for the response girls. It's good to know I'm not hallucinating....just wish it were darker!

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I see it! I'm anxiously waiting for your other test now Blum 3

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I can see it without even squinting! Congrats Smile

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AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! I see it...I see it!!!! If it make you feel better test again......but I see it... it is there..sending you (((((((((darker line vibes))))))))))).....KUP.......girl I feel like it was me, I just so happy for you(smile)

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:lurk: That looks like a + to me!! Congratulations!!!!

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I see it! Guess it is up to me for us to share another bb?

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That would be awesome Susan!!! Where are you at in your cycle?

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congrats! I definitely see it. I hope it gets darker quickly for you.

You ladies are making me want to TTC this cycle rather than wait a couple more months!

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Holly, I should be oing any day now. Last time I thought I oed, and we quit dtd 3 to 4 days before I a little bit more aware of things this time.
Picco, you should soooo, try and JLIH!

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Good luck Susan, and I totally agree Wink Pico, you should go for it!!

I had DH pick up some Answer tests, and those are pretty dark, so they helped ease some of my anxiety. Now I just have to get through the first tri.....

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Congrats Holly! How exciting! Wishing you a HH9M!

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Congrats !!!!

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Ahhh Holly, CONGRATS!!!! Yahoo

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i totally see that beautiful line girly! dont worry you might just get a faint line. i did too, even at 14dpo i got faint lines. but i have a whole plethora of symptoms and im getting bigger slowly. so i wouldnt worry.

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I could have sworn I responded to this thread already?! Congratulations Holly!! I hope you have a very HH9M!! Biggrin

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Thank you everyone!!

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Congrats Holly!! I haven't been on here in forever. I didn't even know you were trying! Wonderful!!

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Thanks Ash! We were actually gearing up to try in June and surprise! We were already pregnant Smile