Looks like I'm cautiously joining....

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Looks like I'm cautiously joining....

Hi Ladies Smile

Well, AF was due 2 days ago, but my cycles have never run strictly on-time, so 1-2 days either way is pretty usual. I was feeling kinda crampy, but yesterday I was feeling really queasy too.

So, this morning when AF still didn't show, I broke down and tested again:


I wasn't totally convinced, the line was pretty faint, so I did another one....Just to be sure!

I was so excited!! I ran downstairs to DH, held up the test, and said "What can I get Daddy for breakfast?" He's So excited!

I got in to see my Dr this morning and got blood work done, so they should have the "official" results by the end of the day!

I guess when I tested last week, it was either a dud, or it was still too soon!
OMG I don't know how I'm supposed to focus on work today!!

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How awesome! Congrats Biggrin

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Jo, congratulations!!! Please KUP on the results of your beta!!! Biggrin

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Congrats Jo!!! I am so happy for you!!! HH9M!!! Biggrin

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Yay!!! Awesome! This was your first cycle too, wasn't it? Congratulations and HH9Ms!!

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Thanks everyone!! The blood work came back from the Dr yesterday and all looks good, so I'm back to see him at the end of June for my next appt Smile

Cindy - Thanks! Yes it was our first cycle, and neither of us really expected it to happen quite that fast!!