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Meet Lucas! are long overdue! We've been in total survival mode here and Lucas has finally decided to nap for more than 40 minutes today! Biggrin

We are doing's been great being a mommy but wow is it exhausting or what?! Wink I'm exclusively pumping so my life pretty much revolves around I cannot believe Lucas is almost 5 weeks old! Wow...times is flying by....I need it to slow down! Shoot....Lucas is starting to wake up. Here are a few of my favorite pics from our newborn photo shoot.

I'm really hoping that I can be back to postinf regulary soon! Biggrin I hope everyone is doing well!!

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Lurker from Oct 13!

AWWW!!! Your boy is sooo precious! Good luck. And enjoy every second Smile

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Oh. My. Gosh. Jina!! He is absolutely beautiful. I LOVE his nb pics.. he's so tiny and perfect. Congrats mama Smile

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He is so beautiful Jina! I seriously teared up. What a perfect little guy!!!! :biglove:

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Jina he is SO ADORABLE! I'm so happy for you!

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Jina...he his absolutely beautiful! Congrats! I love all his pics.

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Jina, I love him. He is beautiful and perfect. I just can't believe he's here! What a sweet and wonderful miracle that you soooo deserved! I'm so happy for you I could bust! Miss you around here. Smile

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Hes adorableeeeeee!!

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AWWW JINA!! Totally love!! He is soooo cute!! Congrats!! Miss you!! We all need to chatzy soon!!!

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Thank you sooo much ladies!!!! Smile

I miss you all!!!! It's 5 am and I'm up seems like this is the only "me" time I get these days...haha!

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Oh my goodness, Jina, he is beautiful!! I am SO happy for you!!

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Jina, he is perfect. I'm so happy that after all the heartache this has finally happened for you. Smile

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Belinda, Hi!!! thank you!!! Your little girl is so precious! Biggrin

Elizabeth, Hi! Long time no see! How are you?!

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"JKfmAustin" wrote:

Elizabeth, Hi! Long time no see! How are you?!

Hi Jina! Doing better than I was. Had back surgery in November and then some major complications that led to another spinal surgery, but I am in a better place physically now. Just found out I have a huge cyst on my ovary so we're waiting to see what is going to happen with that. Hopefully we will successfully TTC after that's resolved. Smile

I'm just thrilled seeing the girls who have struggled with infertility having their beautiful babies. It keeps me in a more positive space.

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Oh wow Elizabeth, I'm really sorry that there were complications and you had to have another surgery! I'm really happy to hear that you're much better now and I hope you continue to get better. ((((Hugs))))

I'm sorry about the cyst...hopefully it's not causing you any pain. I'm glad that your doctor is looking into it and I hope you get some answers soon. I'm keeping everything crossed for a pretty bfp for you ASAP!

I really missed you and I hope to see you posting more. Oh and love the pic of your kids!! Smile

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He's adorable! Congrats, again!

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Jina's he's beautiful! We did our DE IVF transfer today; I'm hoping we get our happy ending too!

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Thank you ladies!

Carole, I'm so excited for you!! I'll be stalking you like crazy!! Sending tons of sticky vibes your way! Come on embie/s stick! Smile

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:lurk: HE IS SO CUUUUTE! I love him. Smile

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OMGOODNESS! what a cutie! I was on a board with you from your losses and saw you were a friend on here and had to check up on you! I am SOOOOOOOO ecstatic for you!!!!! He is PRECIOUS!