Mind if I join here too?

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Mind if I join here too?

I just got my BFP! I'm so excited... and nervous... LOL. But my estimated due date is March 10th and both my kids came 2 weeks early so I'm thinking there is a good chance this one might be born in Feb rather than March...

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Congrats! I am in the same position, my due date is likely early March, but both my kids came early on their own.

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Congratulations and welcome!! My due date is technically January 31st, but I hang out here too. Wink Who knows when they'll actually come, you know? Sophia was due Dec 12th '10 and I kind of wish I would have hung out more in the Nov '10 boards cause she was actually born on Thanksgiving.

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I'm hanging out here too Gina. My due date is March 2nd for now.

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Congrats and welcome! HH9M

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Congratulations!! How exciting!! Biggrin

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thanks everyone! I didn't want to be posting here and have everyone think "what's that March girl doing over here?" LOL

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Congrats Gina! So happy for you!

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Hi Gina! Hope you're feeling good!!