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So, yesterday, I felt what might have been little gas bubbles in my uterus so I wrote it off as gas. Just now I felt a tiny little thump. Could it be?! Is it too soon?! Biggrin

BTDT moms when did you feel your baby for the first time with your first pregnancy and what did it feel like? Biggrin

I'm just so giddy right now...I hope it was baby and not just gas. LOL

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WOO HOO!!! I hope it's movement!
I felt something over the weekend that I wrote off as gas, but the other day I felt a little 'twinge' in my abdomen that was different than the ligament pain I've been having, and I was wondering the same thing!!

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I thought I felt something the other week but nothing since so wrote it off as gas lol. Not long now tho I hope as my daughter is sooooooo excited to feel the baby

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That's awesome ladies! It's the best feeling ever!

My 1st I was around 15 weeks, the doctor (who I detested btw) told me it wasn't possible BUT during my u/s it was confirmed that was in fact what I was feeling!

This time around I started feeling movement at around 13 weeks Biggrin I can't wait for DH to be able to feel it from the outside Smile

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Jina!!!! How exciting!!!!

I started feeling T move right around 17 or 18 weeks, so I think it's very possible. What a wonderful milestone. Biggrin :D Biggrin :D

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that's the best feeling in the whole world!!! I say that's totally the baby! How cool! So happy for you!

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Yay Jina !!

I think I'm feeling the baby but it could be gas. Haha! It's been like 3 1/2 years since I last felt these first flutters so I don't remember what it was really like. I can't wait for the big kicks !

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Thanks Ladies! LOL so it looks like I'm not crazy to think that I'm feeling baby this early. Biggrin I wonder when it'll start being consistent? It IS the best feeling in the world! Even if it's gas, I'm happy to pretend it's baby boy kicking me. Wink

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Yeah Jina!!!! I bet that is totally him!! With this baby, I felt him/her at around 16 weeks.

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How exciting!!! I started feeling DD at 16 weeks but wasn't convinced until 17. With this baby I felt them a lot earlier. SO happy for you!

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I've been feeling little flutters that I would swear are movement. Yay for baby kicks!

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Definitely not too soon! That sounds like what it feels like. Biggrin Yay!! Congrats on feeling baby move for the first time!

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Thanks ladies! Unfortunately, I haven't felt anything! I hope I feel him again soon! Biggrin