My baby girl is here!

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My baby girl is here!

Katelyn Audrey
6lb 13oz
19.5 inches long
2/1/13 1444

I went in Thurs night for induction at 8pm. Started cytotec around 11pm and only needed one dose because I started contracting (I had already been but was not feeling them apparently), but started feeling them shortly after the cytotec was inserted. I had taken an ambien per their recommendation so I could sleep (I did this with my second son and was able to sleep) but I could not sleep bc I was contracting. I was dealing with labor pretty well throughout the night. I was slow to progress so could not get an epidural until I was 3cm. At around 730am my OB came in and broke my water and got the epidural on its way. My BP dropped initially with it and I felt sick and dizzy, but that was fixed and felt fine after that. Around 1pm I was at 6cm and the nurse had me sit up straight in the bed to help facilitate the baby to drop lower and help my finish dilating. Started feeling pressure at that point. At 2pm we started pushing just me and the nurse to get her moved down. When I started crowning she called the OB and he came over and a couple pushes later I had my girl! She is a good baby. We are BF and my milk has come in and I am engorged often. Hopefully this subsides soon bc it is so painful. I did not tear. Saturday I had my tubal and we were home by 4pm. Very nice experience. Sad that its my last, but happy at the same to close that chapter. We are complete and so in love with our girl.

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CONGRATS!!!! WTTW LO Smile such a beautiful name too Smile

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Congrats Nichole! I've been stalking you waiting to hear about her birth. So happy you got a baby girl and I agree I love her name! You need pics though!!

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Congrats girl! Can't wait to see some pics! (((hugs)))

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Congrats on the arrival of your baby girl! Biggrin

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Congratulation Nichole!! I love the name and glad you had a positive birth experience. Smile enjoy your baby girl!

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Congrats on your little girl!!!!!
Glad all went well and that she's a good baby!
Pics please!!!! Wink