Naughty little girl :-(

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Naughty little girl :-(

Well my naughty little girl is still in the transverse position Sad so I have 4 weeks left to try and pursuade her to move otherwise there gona send me for a scan to see exactly how she is lying and try and turn her ... If it all fails it will be a section, witch I really don't want.

My first daughter was normal delivery but came out looking to the side and labour was long and painful.

Any tips on turning / tempting and transverse baby?

Whilst I'm here I will also moan about my very swollen feet Sad and my psd which can b bad depending on the position av been lying and standing in.

On the plus side it's my last day at work on new years eve Smile sooooo happy as workin 40 hour week is now killing me.

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:lurk: I hope she turns head down for you! Sorry about your swollen feet, but yayyyyy about having a last day of work!!!!

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Lurker: Spinningbabies!! Its a website! Works wonders. GL momma!

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I hope she turns for you soon!

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Hooray for the last day of work!!

I hope she turns soon Sad I got ther same news at my appt this week - baby has been head down and ready to go, but all of a sudden she decided to turn and is now laying transverse!
My Dr recommended a stretch that I believe is off the spinning babies site as well: get down on all 4's, and then put your forearms on the ground so your bum is up in the air. Do that 3 times a day for about 10 minutes, and fingers crossed that these babies turn!!

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Yes to spinning babies, and find a chiropractor that does the Webster technique ASAP!!!!

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yikes! Mine likes to twist around every now and then, and go back to transverse, I can always feel when she does though (and DH can feel both her head and bum on either side too), I find it so painful it sends me to bed until she moves back into a better position.

Try some of the tips on spinning babies for sure, I find a magic bag heated in the microwave the best way to get her to move, I put it on my lap against my pelvis and she seems to move toward it.