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Lol OK, I know we've got a lot of time ahead of us, but I'm bored at work and kind of daydreaming Wink
Has anyone started to think about doing a nursery? We just moved in May, so right now our 'nursery' is just a big empty room, and I'm kind of itching to fill it!

We're planning on having the baby sleeping with us for the first few months, and then moving into the nursery. I think DH and I are going out in the next couple of weeks to look at cribs etc.

Has anyone started to plan or fill their nursery

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Right now the room that will be our nursery os my DD's playroom. We're working on the extra room in the basement to move toys down there. Once that's done we'll be starting on the nursery! So I don't think it's early lol.

I have a few ideas, I can't wait to find out baby's gender so we can officially get started though Biggrin

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We're officially starting next weekend! We're going to dismantle the guest room and turn it into the nursery. I've already started cleaning out the closets in there. I have pretty much everything picked out except for the right shade of paint. I'm pretty excited! LOL

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I picked up paint chips today, we (I) will narrow down to one girl choice and one boy choice. Then once we know it will be easy to grab a few cans of paint!

Girl - raspberry and grey (white furniture and light pink accents)

Boy - cream and Orange (dark furniture and brown accents) - with a vintage car theme!

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We have almost everything for the Nursery, but we can't start setting it up until we move in December. DD and baby will probably be sharing a room, though baby will be in our room for at least a couple months.