October Belly Pics!

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October Belly Pics!

Anyone have any new belly pics to share?! Come on ladies...I know some of us are definitely starting to show so come show off your pretty bellies here! Biggrin

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I definitely look bigger with clothes! Biggrin

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18 weeks with #2 and I feel like a house already Smile

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18w 2d... if one more person says maybe there's 2 I might scream....

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People said that to me too, and then at 21 weeks, I found out there was two! LOL - I felt the same way you did.

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Back from our trip - and here I am at 23 weeks Smile

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Hi Jina and Crystal! Came to stalk you girls :):):)

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Everyone looks great!!

Cait, I can't believe you're full term already!!!

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LOL this was at my DD's birthday party last weekend Smile

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20 weeks, baby #3