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I think I'm having round ligament pain. I have no idea what it's supposed to feel like but my both sides of my uterus hurts! Kinda like a pulling sensation. It really, really hurts. I don't know, according to American Pregnancy.org, the pain should only last for a few seconds. This is a constant ache. Hubby and I dtd this morning but I don't usually get pains this intense after dtd. It's normally just some mild cramping. I know the baby is (hopefully) okay because I pulled out my doppler and s/he was moving around like crazy. Maybe my uterus is going through a growth spurt?!

So, what could this pain be? :confused:

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Ouch! From what I've read, it could totally be round ligament. One of the articles I was reading (babycenter) said that you could feel it as a more constant ache after an active day (.....or morning ;))

I think I've been getting the same - mine comes on as a sharp stabbing pain when I'm walking.....but only when I step with my left leg!

Hope it's feeling better!

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Have you been working out also? I noticed with my first pregnancy a dull ache on both sides (low) after a work out and it lasted for a while. This time around, they are more intense (kinda like an electric shock) and I only notice when sitting for a while and then standing up. Lots of changes going on down there Smile

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Not much experience of this, other than when I sneeze x but hope it gets better x

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I get pain like that a LOT with this one. I also got it around this time with Sophia.

I'm pretty sure it's normal cause I've talked to my OB about it (both times) and they say it's fine. Just the uterus stretching and making room. Lol If you're really concerned, definitely call your doctor to ease your worries. Smile And tylenol helps. Wink

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Thanks ladies. The pain went away yesterday afternoon only to return for a minute or so this morning. I think you guys are right and it's just growing pains. Biggrin

Oh and yes, I did work out a little after spending two days cleaning up a storm. Plus, DTD probably contributed to the pain as well. I'll just plan on taking it easy for the next day or two and take a tylenol if it gets too bad. Smile

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I never had this during my other pregnancies but the other day, I sneezed and I swear, it felt like my uterus completely ripped apart. After reading quite a few people online complain about the exact same pain and being told it was round ligament pain, I felt better and went to sleep lol.

It was horrific and just when I sneezed. Now I'm so afraid to sneeze- I brace my belly every time I do because I don't want that pain ever again! OUCH!