Our Little Man is Here !

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Our Little Man is Here !

Nolan Patrick
Born 2/25
8lbs 10oz
19 inches

 photo c18cc11b-b2c0-47ec-bc9a-04bb30b68715_zpsbce10e39.jpg photo 20bdc45c-bb27-45cc-9c1e-92f0b88f1c89_zps270fffed.jpg
 photo 749c6b13-ef47-495e-95a1-5651c4a95c1a_zpsedbaa1f6.jpg
 photo 8dc5bd83-df89-447c-b522-a87ee348add0_zps793c48e3.jpg

He's a week old now and I already can't believe how easily he has become part of our family. It just feels right to have him here Smile

He eats great, but we are still working on latching. I stopped BF-ing our DD at 8 weeks because of latching and thrush issues so I really want to make it work this time.

We are using Cloth Diapers and that has been easier than I expected.

Our daughter is completely in love with him. She constantly wants to hold him and be with him. She's having a hard time adjusting though and is not very happy with DH or I. We are working on getting her some one on one time with DH out of the house and I'm trying to do more with her here since I can't leave Nolan because he seems to want to nurse about every 1 1/2 hours.

We've ventured out of the house a couple times with DH but not on my own with the kids. I think that it's going to be awhile before I brave that Smile DH went back to work last Thursday and it's been hard not having him here because we miss him but I'm doing well with both kids at home with me.

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As perfect as perfect can be! :love10: Congrats on your new family member! Biggrin

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he's adorable! WTTW little man Smile

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Congratulations - he's adorable!

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:lurk: Congratulations! He is precious!

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Congratulations!!! Welcome Nolan!!! Smile he is adorable!

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Congrats! He looks so sweet. I love the picture of him with his big sister!