Packing bags for my other LO :)

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Packing bags for my other LO :)

For those of you with another LO, have you packed their stuff if they are not staying at home while you deliver?

My DD is going to stay with my parents while DH stays with me in the hospital. I packed her outfits including socks, underwear, etc each in an individual zip lock bag labeled with a sun for warm days and a snowman for cold days. I also packed a large bin with new toys and board games. DH and I made a throw pillow she can hug when she is sleeping with our picture printed on it (so cute and only $20 from Cafe Press). She is OBSESSED with "making tents" (ie taking chairs and covering them with a blanket) so I got her a pop up princess tent and DH and I are going tomorrow to set it up at my parents house (where I will also be recovering since they are in a one story house). We are also dropping off extra clothes for all of us, a bassinet, diapers and newborn supplies, etc.

22 days until my c-section (unless they move it up after my ultrasound tomorrow... I will update as soon as possible Dirol

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I did pack a bag for the kids about a week ago. They will be staying with MIL and she has a younger daughter, so all they need is clothes and such, so they are set for a couple of days with her. Smile

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I packed a bag for her when I packed baby's diaper bag. She will be staying with my grandma while we are at the hospital and coming up to visit when she can. I mostly just packed clothes. I figure we will ask her what else she wants to take when the time comes. I know we will send the leap pad in case she gets bored with the baby while visiting.