Pelvic/Back Pain?

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Pelvic/Back Pain?

Is anyone else having a ridculous amount of pelvic or lower back pain? I'm so sore all the time! It's to the point that it's making me cry when I get up in the morning because it hurts !!

I know I was uncomfortable with DD and I didn't really sleep, but I don't remember everything hurting like this Sad

I've been drinking water like crazy and I finally folded and scheduled a massage for Tuesday evening. I've never gotten one before but everything I've read suggested it so I figured it was time to get over my issues of people touching me and just do it Smile And my next appointment with my midwife is Thursday so I'm hoping she can suggest some stretches or something to help.

If you have any wisdom please share ! I'll try anything at this point.

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No wisdom, but have been feeling a lot of pelvic pressure myself. Baby is head down and I feel like she is literally in between my legs.

Sitting on my exercise ball, believe it or not, helps relieve some of the pressure. It's right back when I get up, but at least I can sit in comfort.

Also not sleeping here either. I think it has caused me to get a cold. I hope she comes SOON! Thought this weekend would be a good time, but I guess she has different plans of making my life miserable for a little while longer. lol

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Same boat!

Tons of pressure and loads of back pain and cramping here too. This morning I was having painful contractions, enough that we started timing (10 mins apart) them but they slowed and eased within an hour or so. However I feel like I pulled a muscle now on my left side. Sad

Meg, with DD1 I don't remember ever having any sort of contractions (other than one night but that's a long story) or pain like this either. My OB said it's normal for it to be more painful and or uncomfortable the 2nd time around. I figured that with 9 years between pregnancies it would be more like the first time though, guess not.

Time for these babies to start arriving I'd say!

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Thanks ladies. I'm sorry your both uncomfortable too, but it helps to know that I'm not alone.

Crystal my daughter is 3 and I thought that my pregnancy should be pretty similar and my body should have been back to normal but I was obviously wrong too. My midwife tells me all the time that 2nd pregnancies are usually much harder but the 2nd labor is usually much easier. I'm trying to focus on that and hope she's right.

I'm also hoping that all this pain is doing something productive. It feels like his head is way down. Sometimes I swear it feels like he's already trying to push his way out. If it means that I get to have our little man earlier or easier then it might be worth it. I guess I'll find out Thursday how things are going and for now just try to do what little I can to help. :/

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Sad I hope you feel better Megan. Hopefully the massage will help and you get some relief. My lower back started hurting a bit yesterday and my left leg feels like it's going to pop off. I feel like a ragdoll and I keep almost falling because my joints are getting so loose. least we're alllmost done, right? Hang in there...we're going to be holding our little ones soon!

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Megan, I've been feeling the same as well - lots of lower back pain and pressure, and nothing seems to give any lasting relief!! DH did however treat me to a massage last week, and that was amazing. So I've been having him rub my back, and I've been sitting/bouncing on an exercise ball as well and that seems to be helping a little.

Good luck, I hope it gets better soon, and enjoy your massage!! Smile