pumping tips?

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pumping tips?

While I'm not looking to pump excessively I'd like to pump a little so that on occasion I can have a few drinks or leave Maggie with my MIL for a feeding or two. We're getting married next month and would like to spend a night in a hotel for our wedding night (and the first time we can get romantic since Maggie).

So far I'm only able to get a tiny amount from pumping, a tablespoon or less. Any tips ladies? I have a manual pump btw...

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I only pump after my first "morning" feeding. Everything I've read says that should be when you have the most milk. I feed Nolan and wait about 30-45 minutes and then pump. I have a Medela double electric and I usually get between 3 and 5 oz total depending on how much he ate. I have a huge supply though. I feel like a walking milk machine. I'm trying to store up milk because I'm going to go back to work sometime between 6 and 8 weeks.

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If you are wanting to build up any sort of stash for when you are away, an electric pump is the way to go. Medela is what I use and it works great.

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I always had terrible luck with the manual pumps we tried, I think maybe they didn't get enough suction or something, I switched to using a Evenflo one like this, it worked fantastic.

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I recommend an electric double pump, even for occasional pumping. I think the Ameda Purely Yours also works pretty well and is less costly than the Medela pumps. I pump enough for one baby using a hospital grade pump that I rent and it was very helpful for establishing my supply and I am going to use it at work because it is quieter than the over-the-counter pumps. I also recommend a pumping bra (?simply wishes) for double pumping at the computer. Read the amazon reviews. I found them quite helpful.


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I don't seem to have any issues with suction. I had the same problem with the electric pump at the hospital. I'm going to look at renting one (our local family resource center has them for rent for as little as a week) before we spend the money to buy another pump. I'm also going to start taking fennugreek to see if that helps. I've been drinking the tea but I need to drink 4 or 5 cups a day for 'maximum benefits' I just can't manage that!