QOTD - 7/16

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QOTD - 7/16

What did you do over the weekend? Biggrin

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We went to Costco & Target! I had a delicious slice of pepperoni pizza at the Costco food court. At Target, we bought a new jogging stroller. Our old one was falling apart- I bought it off Craigslist when I was pregnant with my son (over 4 years ago) and it was old then. It was only $99! It's pretty good, and will even hold a baby carrier when this baby comes. My son barely fits in it, but it worked for me to take him out for some exercise.

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Mmmm....pizza sounds so good! Sounds like you got a great deal on the stroller! Biggrin

It rained all last week and weekend. The thunderstorms were pretty awesome! We went out and bought bunch of movies and stayed in all weekend. Hubby was worked all weekend but he did it on the couch so he was able to halfway watch the movies with me. Smile

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Mmmmm pizza.......

We spent the first bit of our weekend watching the thunder storms. We don't usually get them in this area, and when we do, it's usually no more than 1 or 2 hours - well, this one went on for a full day, so it was pretty cool to just sit outside and watch Smile
Other than that, we had my BIL, his wife, and our little 8 month old nephew visit for the weekend.

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Now I want to go to Sams Club and get pizza ! We don't have Costco here.

We cleaned and celebrated my dads birthday this weekend Smile Nothing to exciting.

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I am in school for my masters degree in nursing so I got to do school work all weekend! Did sneak a trip to Babies R Us just to look around. That was fun!