QOTD - 7/20

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QOTD - 7/20

Are you planning on more babies after this little one? Or is this your last?

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This is our last ... At least that is the plan, but I'm 23 and so is DH so who knows. For medical reasons I would say this is our last, but sometimes my baby fever just doesn't care about the risks of ectopic pregnancy. It took me a year to convince DH to try after our last one though so I think this is probably it. I've always wanted to adopt though so maybe we will take that route in the future.

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This little one will be our last I will be getting my tubes tied during my c-section

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We've already agreed no B/C after this one is born, it took a long time to get pg this time so we figure we'll JLIH for a while and maybe try again after a few years if we haven't gotten pg. When I hit 35 we will revisit the birth control issue.

We'd really like another one after this but who knows if it will happen!

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Yup, we're planning at least 1 more after this.

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This is our third and last. At some point after baby is born we'll be discussing permanent BC.

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DONE DONE DONE! We were done before this one! lol