QOTD - 7/9

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QOTD - 7/9

What did you eat for breakfast? What will you have for lunch and dinner?

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Breakfast was a toasted english muffin with peanut butter, lunch is a Mexican casserole that I made last night, and dinner I think is going to be spaghetti.
.....Yup, pretty carb-heavy today, that's for sure!

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Breakfast- Multi-grain Cheerios & milk, Nonfat plain Greek yogurt & strawberries
Lunch- Quesadilla w/ sour cream
Dinner- Spaghetti w/ turkey meatballs & garlic bread

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breakfast for me is always cinnamon toast - it's the only thing that seems to help the mild nausea first thing in the morning

No where near hungry at lunch which I think is probably good because all my appointments at the hospital seem to be at lunchtime :/

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Mmm...spaghetti and cinnamon toast sounds pretty good!

Breakfast - I always have the same thing. Extra crips english muffin with cheddar cheese. It's the only thing that sounds good to me.

Lunch - I started to eat some soup and I'm half way through it but now it's just gross to me.

Dinner - I have no clue....