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Qotw - 9/23 - 9/29

How did you and your DH/SO meet?

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Lol well....... DH and I met on a youth group ski trip when we were in high school. A friend of mine was going who's not a skier, but knows that I loved to ski, and asked me to come along. She went and did lessons, and I saw DH, thought he was cute, and asked if he wanted to do a few runs. Well, I managed to totally embarrass myself as my gear got tangled up on the chair lift, and long story short......I ended up hanging upside down from the chair lift :rolleyes:

.....The day didn't get much better when the weather turned into a white-out blizzard and my boots broke on the hill.

Funny enough, we were both dating someone else at the time, so it was another year before we ran into each other again. I had to redeem myself from the disaster of the day we spent skiing, so after a couple dates we went up again, and this time I kicked his *** on the hill Smile

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My DH and I met at a party. Typical enough right? Well....

MY BFF from HS was having a small party and asked me to come, I skipped a dinner out with my Mama Group to go. She had met this guy several months earlier and they discovered they had a few friends in common so she invited him to this party. He was driving and therefore not drinking. He and I flirted a bit that night and he drove us to McDOnalds at 3am lol during that drive they were talking about the pros of driving standard, I piped up and said I couldn't drive stick. He offered to teach me and bet me that he'd have me driving within 3 hours. I took that bet (the loser made dinner). He also drove me home at 4:30am and I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek :bigkiss: he texted me when he got home that he hadn't smiled so much in ages!

The next morning (a mere 5 hours later!) he sent me another text that Sunday was a good day to learn to drive standard. I said ok and he picked me up (pretty sure I was still a little drunk), well I successfully drove his truck around the block so that meant I owed him dinner lol We got to talking and discovered that my dad had been his hockey coach. Mentioning his name to my mother revealed another connection - his dad grew up next door to my mom! His father and my Uncle were Best friends, our grandparents are also friends! Our families have been connected for about 50years and we hadn't met until that night (since which we've been inseparable).

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Mine is long because my story of how I met Ed is odd.

Once upon a time, I became a teen mom and fled to a different school after everyone abandoned me.I told myself that after all the crap I had just been through, I didn't want friends and I certainly didn't want a boyfriend. I wanted to be left ALONE.

Then there was this boy (M). A punk- complete with a mohawk. I loved it. I was drawn to him because I've always been drawn to people who themselves and don't try so hard to fit in with society. I'd sit with him whenever I could and most of the time, I could be found with my hand in his hair. I was quite twitter-patted. He had a girlfriend though who I ended up becoming friends with (and am very close with now...she is the one who introduced me to preg.org!) so I backed off but still crushed on him.

One boy, a seemingly nice boy, asked me out. I wasn't sure I wanted a boyfriend but I was feeling pretty lonely at this point so I considered it. Being a teen mom, my parents had implemented a rule that any potential boyfriends must meet them first and gain their approval (EMBARRASSING to say the least!) so I took the boy home and introduced him to my parents. During the wait for my parents response, we had an outdoor school function and I sat, deliberately, on the bleachers just below M- next to the "nice" boy. While I was sitting there, I heard M comment about someone being really hyper and then I heard a boy said, "dude, that's because I just drank an entire cot of poffee". I turned around and asked this boy, whom I had never seen before, "did you just say 'cot of poffee'?".

That boy was Ed. Little did I know, Ed knew exactly who I was and had a huge crush on me...and even knew my schedule (stalker much? LOL) so when I spoke to him, he had this hilarious deer in headlights look on his face and he just kind of nodded. I laughed and went back to watching the event without ever noticing, until much later, how nervous I had just made Ed.

Later, I was trying to bum a smoke and this hand came out of nowhere as I heard, "you can have the rest of mine". That was the day I first noticed he was on my bus.

One day, in school, Ed "ran into me" (read: intentionally walked down the hall my class was in in order to see me and asked to buy a candy bar from me as an excuse to talk to me). He bought 1 candy bar with a $5 bill. I was so flustered that instead of giving him 4 one's back, I gave him his candy bar and FIVE one's! He left and I quickly went into my trig class to beg M to fix it for me. I still didn't know Ed's name at this point so I asked, "can you tell your friend I gave him a dollar too much when I gave him his change?". I still knew very little about him so I didn't even know where to find him except the bus!

That day, he sat with M at lunch. We talked a bit. We started sitting together on the bus and talking more. One day, I complained to him about the "nice" boy who had become a psycho (I didn't respond to his query quickly enough so he became crazy) and Ed said, "you should tell him no and go out with me". I thought he was joking...so I laughed. I apologized later for being an @$$ and laughing at him for what was a serious proposition.

At some point, I started to notice things I hadn't noticed before. Ed had apparently always been in my homeroom, on my bus, and could usually be found with M...I just hadn't noticed him at all (awful I know!). He had not existed to me at all until the day he drank the" cot of poffee". It's like he just came out of thin air at that moment.

October 6th, we sat together on the bus, he had a pizza box (his electronics class always had weird goodies) and he ripped a piece of his pizza box off, wrote his phone number on it with a paint marker and gave it to me.It was so weird. He was so weird. The whole situation was so weird. I skipped all the way home from the bus though. Something in me was just going crazy.

The next day, I had a field trip with my cosmetology class so I wasn't in school. I didn't get to see the boy who made me skip all the way home. I called him on the bus ride back to the school though and asked him if he wanted to meet up. I was going from the school to my friends house so I had him meet me by her house.We met in the parking lot of a pizza shop- the very pizza shop that we live less than a block from now, and walked back to her house where we all hung out for a couple of hours.

His mom came to pick him up and he offered me a ride home. I had been flirting with him all night and he had just been kind of laid back about it so I didn't think he was interested. On the way home, we sat in the back of the van and I was still kind of flirting. Then... the most amazing thing happened. He gently lifted my chin with his hand and leaned in and kissed me softly. The kiss went on for what seemed like an eternity. Everything around us stopped. It was just us and nothing else mattered. And then his sister killed it. She was 7 at the time and sitting in the seat in front of us and just started giggling like crazy. It was the most wonderful yet most bizarre first kiss I'd ever experienced.

The next day, he sat with me when he got on the bus and things went crazy and we were making out within seconds. We were like crazed maniacs (we're still like that tbh) and M just stared at us and yelled, "WAIT! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!?!?!?"

At some point, I took him to meet my parents so we could go through the song and dance of being "allowed" to date but it didn't matter because I had already made my decision. My mom's only comment was "he's kind of goofy looking". Ed also had a mohawk and was a "punk". They took awhile to give their blessing so neither of us really remember when that happened since we were already going out without their blessing anyway. We celebrate October 7th (the day of our first kiss) as our anniversary.

Everything went really fast. Both of us just knew from the beginning that this was it. Neither of us were looking for a relationship but we fell fast and we fell hard.10 years later we are still just as crazy in love as we were back then. Things have only gotten better as time passes. We have such a bizarre story- especially considering that I didn't even know he existed at first but it is our bizarre story.

Btw, the retelling of this story just gets weirder and weirder as I get older. I mean, if I described a kiss like that between 2 adults, it'd be romantic and would make your heart melt. Describing a kiss like that between 2 16 year olds is just weird but it's what happened and is probably my favorite memory of our relationship.

ETA: here's a pic of us as teenagers. You can't see his mohawk and he's not in normal "Ed" attire as he just got off work but MY clothes can kind of help paint a picture for you. The angry look on my face was quite literally because it was cold and my butt was freezing....that and I had no idea my pic was being taken or I would have smiled. Smile