Qotw - 9/30 - 10/6

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Qotw - 9/30 - 10/6

Are you planning on having more babies after this one?

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absolutely! I'm hoping to have at least 1 more after this. With the difficulties we had to get pregnant this time we've decided that we're going to JLIH starting about 6 months after baby is born. BUT I won't be going back on BC so who knows maybe I'll be pulling a Tori Spelling lol (doubtful though since I plan to give my body at least 6 weeks to heal unlike her).

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We will not be having any more children. We have had two ectopics and I have been lucky enough not to lose a tube either time. We decided before I got pregnant that this would be our last time trying whether the baby was healthy or ectopic. We can't handle any more losses emotionally and I don't think it's so great for my body either.

I also think two is good for us. I work in day care and love children but its never been my desire to have a large family. We are rich by no means and I want to be able to do things like help or buy their first car and help with college. I doubt we could do that for more than two Smile

We are also going to have a boy and a girl so we get to experience both Smile

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This is #3 and the last baby for us.

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As of right now, we do want more after this one. People think we're bonkers but we've always wanted a large family. If I am unable to vbac though, I think we're done because a vba4c is going to be an even harder fight than my attempted vbac, my attempted vba2c, and now the vba3c are and I just don't have the energy anymore.

We will not be having another one for at least 3-4 years (that seems to be our natural gap anyway), so we shall see how we feel about it then. Smile