Question for those of you with 2 or more LO's

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Question for those of you with 2 or more LO's

So my symptoms this pregnancy are the complete opposite of my last pregnancy. I have all day nausea (never had ANY before), I have no appetite and nothing seems "yummy" (last time I ate EVERYTHING LOL), I am EXHAUSTED (last time I was a bit tired but NOTHING like this)...

Anyway, I was wondering, how many of you had the same symptoms and ended up with both the same gender. How many of you had opposite symptoms and ended up with different genders. My sister had opposite symptoms from when she was pregnant the first time with her son and gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

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I have two boys and with both it was super easy didnt have morning sickness I was a bit tired but now I have nausea all the time I can barely keep away I'm super tired all the time and like you nothing tastes good to me well only fruit. This is why I think its a girl this time the symtoms are so different

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I threw up with my first for the whole first trimester and had almost NO symptoms with my second and they were BOTH BOYS.

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Both my girls were real easy pregnancies. When I had my boy I was miserable. I had all day morning sickness, exhausted all the time, never wanted to eat, horrible heartburn. With the girls I had morning sickness once or twice and I worked all the way up until giving birth so I was rarely exhausted lol.

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With my first, I had morning sickness from 8 weeks on. At 20 weeks it finally went to every other morning, and by the end was once a week or so. With my 2nd it started at 6 weeks and was ALL DAY... I was so sick I ended up on meds. It finally went away at 15 or 16 weeks and was gone for good. With my 3rd, it started at 6 weeks again, but was just in the mornings.. and was gone around 12 or 13 weeks. This time It started around 6 or 7 weeks. It went from every morning to every now and then around 13 weeks...

With my first I felt like I had MORE energy... till the end. Then, with each pregnancy the fatigue has gotten worse and worse.

Mine go boy, boy, girl, and now boy. I swore up and down that this was a girl because of how similar my syptoms have gone, and the fact that my cravings are exactly like they were with DD.. but, nope, its a boy Smile

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Mine were both girls and I had different symptoms for each. I even carried them differently and everyone swore #2 would be a boy. She wasn't. Wink

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i had the exact same symptoms with both of mine and my 1st was a girl my 2nd was a boy so u never know

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With my 2 boys I had exactly the same symptoms and with my girl they were definitely different and more severe.

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Well, I have 3 boys and the m/s was different for each of them. I was horribly sick with my first through the whole pregnancy, horribly sick with my second through the first trimester, and just mildly sick with my 3rd. This time, I'm worse off than I've ever been so it will be interesting to see if this is a boy or a girl.