Rib pain :-(

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Rib pain :-(

Hey all I am in pain Sad a few weeks ago I had a horrible cough. Think I pulled a muscle on the left side of my ribs so anyway 3 weeks later it gets worse and worse. So today I went to docs to see what they thougt. Anyway I was told that I have torn my intercostal muscles on the left side. I explained it was getting worse as I sneeze or cough or be sick.(like being stabbed) he said my baby growing and organs being pushed up and will probably not heal until the baby arrives. And he suggested rest and paracetamol.

Sigh hope its not here that long as I can see it interfearing with birth as when I go to loo it hurts to push iykwim.

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that sucks! hugs, hope you feel better soon!!

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Ouch! That sounds extremely painful. I'm sorry you're having to deal with that. I hope it heals up before baby comes!

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Oh no, that sounds awful!! I hope it manages to heal before the baby comes!!!

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OUCH! That sounds terrible! I hope it does heal before the baby comes. (((hugs)))