Rude, or am I over reacting?

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Rude, or am I over reacting?

So, DH just got a Facebook message from someone he went to school with. He hasn't heard from her in a couple of months, and out of the blue she sends him this 1 line message saying "Is Jackie pregnant? Or did I dream that?"
No 'Hi Scott, how's it going, what's new' or anything like that....just cut and dry, am I pregnant.

Honestly, I don't see how this is any of her's (or anyone else's) business, and especially not until we make it public.

Thank god she had the slightest bit of common sense to send it to him in a private message and not post it publicly. We know neither of our best friends would have let anything slip, so we're not sure where this is coming from.
.....My only thought is that my SIL put up some pictures from the weekend, and maybe a couple of them are less than flattering of me? And if that's the case, then DH just got a message from someone basically asking if I'm growing a person, or if I'm just fat.

I'm finding this really rude - we haven't come out of the baby closet yet, so I find having someone I don't really know asking that to be a little out of line.
Also, we're going to be at the wedding of a mutual friend this weekend, and I want to be able to enjoy myself, not feel like I've got some random person studying my every move.

What're your thoughts? Is her email/comment rude and out of line, or am I just over reacting?

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I don't know if it's rude exactly, but it's weird. Is there any way she could have heard from someone that you're pregnant? If it were me, I'd simply respond back, "That's a strange dream for you to have!" and leave it at that. No yes or no either way.

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I think it's weird too. I don't see how it's her business anyway.

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Not rude, really. Pretty random. Definitely a strange way to say it. Why would they dream it?

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I think it was a bit rude, though, I'm sure she didn't mean to be (hopefully). I mean, I would never straight out ask someone or their spouse if they were pregnant. It's none of my business and if they really wanted me to know, they would tell know?

Don't you have an appointment and an u/s coming up really soon? Good luck and please KUP! Biggrin

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I think it's rude no matter who she is or how she knows you. You just don't ask that, especially over FB out of the blue. It's none of her business until you make it her business. What did DH say to her?

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LOL Thanks ladies!
I could understand someone we're close with maybe asking something along the lines of if we're planning on having kids now that we've bought a house, but out of the blue like that was really odd!

Haha DH just emailed her back and said "you've got some pretty strange dreams". Due to both us and her moving, new jobs, life getting in the way, etc her and DH haven't spoken in almost 6 months, so he really didn't know how to respond to that!

On a funner note, we're likely going to announce it in the next few weeks (hoping to hold off 2 more weeks until I'm 13w), so we're looking around for fun/cute ideas Smile

Oh - and Jina, our appt is this Thursday! So excited, but nervous at the same time!

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"Jokr" wrote:

Oh - and Jina, our appt is this Thursday! So excited, but nervous at the same time!

Yahoo I can't wait to hear all about it! Fingers crossed for an awesome appointment! GL and KUP! Smile

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Yeah, it's pretty weird..

I would ask, "What would make you say that??" See what she says.