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Thread: So Done !

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    Default So Done !

    I'm so done with being pregnant. A friend of mine who was due two days after me just had her baby at 29w5d. I do not want a premie! I want my son to be done cooking and come on his own time, but OH MY GOODNESS I am so tired of being pregnant.

    I am in so much pain all the time. I'm having shooting pains and aches. I can't sleep at all! I am so grumpy and tired all the time because I'm not sleeping. Everyone keeps telling me how I look like I'm losing weight and also how big I am. What ?! How do those things go together! I seriously have had to convince like 15 people that I know when my husband and I decided to have a baby and therefore I know how pregnant I am. I can tell them to the freaking day when I ovulated and when I got the first positive test! UGH! I'm tired of not being able to put my own boots on or clean under the bed or sit for too long or stand for too long or lay for too long. Plus then dealing with all of the regular dumb questions and people butting in to our business and how we are going to raise our son. We already have a daughter ! I feel like we already made all the big decisions about our parenting style. Why does everyone think we need them to tell us how to be parents?! Or tell us how our daughter is going to react and what we "have" to do for her. I don't mind suggestions or anecdotes about what did/didn't work for people when they had a second baby, but please don't tell me that you know my daughter better than me and that your way is the only way to help her deal with having a new baby!

    I'm sorry for ranting I just really want to go to sleep and wake up at the end of February. I'm ready to have my baby and know that I will never ever be pregnant again.

    And also, I really just want to be able to DTD with my DH again. Haha ! I'm so uncomfortable right now that we rarely do and it sucks !
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    (((HUGS))) I'm sorry you've been so uncomfortable lately. Hang in're getting pretty close!
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    I hear ya! At 34 weeks, I am pretty uncomfortable, and usually I tolerate pregnancy very well. But with this being pregnancy #3 I am feeling things much sooner. I am having ctx like crazy. I am a nurse and am on my feet a lot for work so my the end of the day my vagina feels like its got a bowling ball in it. lol So I am done as well. I do not wish for a moment to have the baby premature, but as soon as its time, she can come!

    Oh and I hate the things people say too. I hate answering the questions, "When are you due?" "Oh you don't look big enough to be that far a long. Are you sure?" "You look too young to be on your 3rd kid".... just sick of it. lol

    But its almost over, and this is my last pregnancy FOREVER so I trying my hardest to enjoy it a little. Hang in there, its almost over!!!
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    I hear ya!!

    I'm so uncomfortable i just want to curl up and like you said wake at teh end of Feb!!!!! I keep getting the - oh you have got to be further along than that and wow are you SURE it's not twins. ugh

    people need to keep their traps shut, lol I think there needs to be a public notice 'things not to say to pregnant women'

    I have so much pressure already I feel like if I sneeze she's going to come shooting out, I can't walk anymore and I can barely waddle. my belly has visibly dropped in the last month and the discomfort can get to the point I end up in tears. I'll do it all again in a hb though, we're not done just yet....
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