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Thread: Some more about me (warning, about bad birth experiences)

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    Jina, you're right- people do attack what they don't understand. Don't stress too much about the research, you have a lot of time left. My biggest advice is just to ask lots of questions. If a doctor ever answers a question with "it's perfectly safe" and won't tell you the risks, RUN. There are risks to EVERYTHING- even if they are just minor risks.

    Cindy, thanks. I'm always aggravated by the repeat c/s folks that INSIST that VBAC's are soooo dangerous. She's not the first person to call me selfish either. And any good doctor will tell you that there are risks either way. Cut happy doctors always insist that a repeat section is perfectly safe and a VBAC is so dangerous and ends in fetal and "mommy" death. I've actually been told that by doctors and just rolled my eyes.

    For me, the benefits of a VBAC far outweigh the risks. What's more is the woman who was attacking me was citing a "study" (an article...she never read the study it was based on) that supposedly claimed the risk of uterine rupture was 3% (which is still really really low IMO). When I read through the article AND the study, what I found was that they were claiming the OVERALL risk of infant mortality with a VBAC was 2.4% with the risk of uterine rupture being 0.2%. She misread it and was chastising me for my "google" research...

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    Cindy, no, I haven't thought about birthing classes yet. I know I want to but I just haven't gotten that far yet. I'm going to go look up the Bradly Method. I mentioned getting a doula to Hubby and he gave me the side, it looks like we both have a lot to learn.

    Danielle, again, thanks for posting your experiece. I'm going to make sure I ask a lot of questions from now on!
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    Danielle - Best wishes on your journey to your VBA3C! I think it is awesome, and I'm so glad you have a supportive dr!
    I had a VBAC with my 2nd baby, and I am planning to VBAC again. I am hoping to do a home birth this time around!

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