still breach...

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still breach...

She's tried to turn around this week, I can tell from the painful wriggling and pressure. Unfortunately she has not succeeded Sad

I saw a resident today since the OB was in L&D. The nurse told him to send me for a consult with the Gyno for next week, BUT since the hospital he normally works out of doesn't do that until 36 weeks he didn't set it up (we could hear him argue with her just outside our door), instead he is having me come in next week to see another OB. We're onto weekly appointments now and will have a consult in the next week regarding our options...

I have to say if she doesn't turn on her own I'm leaning toward a scheduled section. Just from our chat today and research I've done so far, either an external version or attempt at a breach delivery could potentially end up in a c-section anyway (possibly even an emergency one!). Baby is measuring above average size (DD was a larger baby too) and she has her bum wedged into my pelvis both things I'm guessing increase our risk of ending up in a section anyway. I'm not happy right now, still processing it and hoping and praying she'll eventually turn all by herself...

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Oh No!!
*hugs* I hope she still manages to turn!

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I hope she will still manage to turn for you. If I was in your spot, I would choose the same thing you are choosing. I wouldn't be happy about it either, but the alternatives, to me, are too risky.

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Awww Crystal, I'm sorry! (((HUGS))) I really hope she turns for you! I'm sending TONS of baby turning vibes your way!

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I so know how you feel as I'm in the same boat.

Went to midwife on Wednesday 35wks +3dayd and still breech, too early to be referred to hospital so have to go back to see her on Wednesday when will be 36wks + 3days and if still breech then I get referred and get a scan to see exactly which breech she is. I would like to try and have her turned but I watched a video on YouTube and freaked myself right out. So don't know what to do. They've offered me a section already which I turned down. If I can I would still like a vaginal birth even if breech, but would have to have a epidural regardless incase something went wrong an have to have a emergency c section.

What to do what to do Sad

Just today I've had terrible pains were I can feel her trying to turn but so far don't think she has.

I hope your little one turns in time for you x

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Danielle, so far not so good, she dropped a few weeks ago and I can feel her wiggling but I'm afraid she's stuck. She's also on the larger side so for me an attempt at a breach delivery would most likely end in a c-section. I'm not willing to go through labor and end up that way anyway. I have a friend who labored and ended up having a c/s and she said the recovery was horrible. She basically had to recover physically from both.

We'll find out tuesday if she's managed (they'll do an u/s right in the office). Our hospital wants the consult done at 35 weeks (i think that way of you opt to try to turn them they can do it sooner). We don't have MWs here in NB and our OB clinic is part of the hospital. I'm trying to wrap my head around the c/s business but I keep going back to dreaming of my more natural labor dreams... I'm not opposed to drugs but I wanted to at least give it a good try before having them this time. My last delivery was induced and the pain was intense and fast, there was no labor transition and I was looking forward to doing it on my own this time.

As for attempting a version to turn, i feel like the risks are potentially too high just because I'd like to have a different birth experience. I won't put her life at risk (even minimal odds) for my own desire to do things differently.

Keeping fingers crossed these babies do some serious gymnastics this weekend!

Also do you have a chiropractor? I've heard they can do wonders to get babies to turn! We live in a VERY small town, so it's not an option for me.

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I see what your saying about the turning. Guess for me it's a case of wait and see what the scan says and how big she is etc.

I have no idea if she has dropped at all but sometimes it feels like her feet arnt far from popping out lol.

No chiropractors here. Just been trying to lean forwards as best I can on all fours a few times a day in the hope she turns.

Good luck for Tuesday and I hope she has turned for you.