Still waiting :-(

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Still waiting :-(

Booooooo was due 24th feb and so far av had a sweep and due another on Thursday and failing all else I'm getting induced on 10th march (mothersday)

I feel like I've had enough now. I can't breathe or move properly, and her movement are so big now it's scary lol.

I just want her to be here now.

Hope everyone else is well x

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sending you some **labor vibes**

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Sending some SERIOUSLY quick ELV, mama.. So sorry you're still waiting!! Hopefully your LO will get the memo and come on out to play!!

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I'm right there with you. I was due Feb. 23 and still waiting. I don't have any eviction plans in place, however. I meet with my midwives tomorrow, but since they're home based and not medical, I don't know what my options are.

Best wishes!