Suprised DH on Father's Day :0)

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Suprised DH on Father's Day :0)

So DD put on her "big sister" shirt and halped me wake up DH this morning. She gave him a cute paper weight that said "Dad Rocks" (thank you pinterest!) and then presented him with a second paper weight "from her sister or brother" with sea shells (DH is a surfer) that spelled out "Feb 2013". He was hooting and yelling "YES!!! WE DID IT!!!" Too adorable! DD is super excited to be a big sister! After waking up DH, I made breakfast (thank you pinterest again LOL): apples sliced thin and dipped in pancake batter with strawberries with a bit of lime juice squeezed over them. Sooooo good! Hope everone has a day as wonderful as ours is!


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That was sweet that a present he won't forget I'm sure

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That is such a fantastic Father Day gift (or rather, gifts). Awesome!! Biggrin

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Aww thats sooo nicee!!!

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So cute ! It sounds like a great Father's Day and a wonderful way to share the news.

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That was so sweet! Awesome!

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That is so sweet and what an awesome idea with the rocks/shells. Pinterest has some amazing finds. Congrats on your new babe!!

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Awwww! What an awesome way to surprise him! Congrats and hope you have a very HH9M!! Biggrin