Surprise Shower at Work :)

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Surprise Shower at Work :)

So I was totally blown away yesterday.....

My boss asked me to arrange a catered lunch for the office - we had our monthly staff meeting and he said it was going to be my last one with them, so we should have a nice lunch brought in. OK, well that was nice enough, even the fact that he recognized it was going to be my last few days here, and so I thought it was going to be left at that.

well, I've posted a number of times about how frustrating my work is. I'm the only woman, and I work in a pretty blue-collar environment - everyone I work with is either a project manager, engineer, or technician, so there's not a whole lot of estrogen floating around here!

So even though by the time lunch got here half the people I work with had been called away to one project emergency or another, both my boss and our regional director were here and surprised me with a mini baby shower!

This is a group of guys who call me on my vacations because they can't find something, or don't know who to contact to get something done. So the fact that they were able to do this was amazing!
My local office here gave me and DH a very nice gift card to Babies R Us, and our other office gave us a big gift basket full of baby things (sleepers, diapers, crib sheets, sleep sacks, etc), and the car seat base that we had registered for!

Lol still in shock that they did this (I think they might be buttering me up for the fact that they'll be calling me for help while I'm on mat leave), and now only 1.5 more days of work!!

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How nice! Men don't usually think of stuff like that, so kudos to them!

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that's so awesome!


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PS Jo, I used to work as Admin support for Construction Engineering with DND on base here, I can TOTALLY empathize with you on your work environment! lol

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Yay! I work with all men as well so I can totally see how blown away you'd be. I can't even get my guys to remember when I'm due LOL

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That is SUPER sweet!!!!!! Congrats on the cool surprise and enjoy your last day today! Biggrin

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Oh wow, Jo, that is so awesome! Biggrin Ahhhhh! Enjoy your last day of work! Yahoo