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Any one having really bad symptoms?

I'm having extreme all day sickness Sad even with the tablets the doctor gave me.

Also no matter how much I drink I am still dehydrated (tmi - urine brown )

Fatigue is ok

Have a horrendous metallic taste still and don't fancy any foods at all

Boobs are normal not bigger and not sore

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I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. You should call your OB right away and tell her about your dehydration. It sounds like you may need iv fluids. I started feeling better around 10 weeks....I hope you start feeling better asap! ((HUGS))

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Yes, tell your OB. They may need to re-hydrate you with IV fluids if you aren't able to take anything orally. Also, the metallic taste may be the iron in your prenatal vitamin, so you could try changing it, or a have heard of many ladies who take simple Flintstones vitamins bc they can't stomach the prenatals.

I hope this passes for you. You need to be able to stay nourished and hydrated!