Symptoms? Where are you....???

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Symptoms? Where are you....???

Morning All!
So, I'm almost 7 weeks along......and am having a hard time believing I'm pregnant! If it weren't for the fact that AF is now 3 weeks late, I honestly wouldn't believe it.

I've had 2 or 3 days of bad fatigue, and last week my boobs started getting sore.....but that's it. I keep having some abdominal pain similar to cramps that has me worried, but I haven't had any kind of bleeding or spotting.

Is it strange for me to WANT the morning sickness (ok, well maybe only 1 or 2 days of it), the cravings, a couple mood swings, etc?
I know it's a little twisted, but I would feel so much better if I had a few days of feeling miserable! I would feel just that little bit reassured that I really am pregnant and everything is OK.

Is there anyone else who's really not having any symptoms?

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I've been :puke:. A lot.

I have a prescription for Zofran, but I'm so constipated I've been avoiding taking it unless absolutely necessary. I tried so hard not to take any this morning, but after throwing up a couple times I decided I needed to take it.

And I've been tired. Really, really tired.

I'm in the miserable 1st trimester stage, for sure. Sad

It is reassuring, especially because my blood sugars suddenly leveling out freaked me out a bit, but I still wish I wasn't sick. Sad Or constipated. Or gassy. Or tired. *sigh*

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When I was pregnant with DD I didn't have a single symptom. I was pretty freaked out until she started moving around Smile I did start getting cravings in the 2nd trimester and I had horrible restless legs in the 3rd and didn't get much sleep.

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I could have written your post word for word...I am still having PMS type cramps, and have had a few days of feeling yucky, but not any other major symptoms. Hang in there! Hopefully you'll either be one of those lucky ones w/no symptoms or they'll show here within the next week or so!

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Feel lucky if you are not having symptoms. It doesn't mean that there is anything wrong. But I know how you feel wanting to "feel" pregnant.

With my first son I vomited the whole first trimester. I wouldn't wish that I anyone in the world. With my second son, not really any symptoms to speak of. This time around I am nauseated at times and exhausted and very emotional... so just enough symptoms to feel pregnant, but wish it would go away because I have a life to live and can't sleep it away. Smile