Time is flying by!

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Time is flying by!

So we are officially naming our baby boy Maksim Aleksandar. His nickname will be "Max". He has been kicking like CRAZY and looks like he is going to follow in his big sisters footsteps and be a big one. He was measuring almost a month ahead at the ultrasound. DD was 10 lbs, I was a 10lb baby and DH was a 9lb baby. Although I delivered vaginally the first time, my episiotomy ripped into my rectum so there is a good chance they may schedule me for a c-section. I am at peace with what ever my Dr thinks is safest and just want everyone healthy and safe how ever I end up giving birth. This had me thinking if the schedule it a few weeks earlier from my due date, Max could be here in 13 weeks...ACK!!! I now feel like I am running short on time (LOL) and have started going crazy with house cleaning, organizing, etc. DH chuckles and usually murmurs "some one is nesting" LOL. I have a small registry set up already. We originally were not going to but since it is a boy (EVERYTHING from DD is pink) we set one up so all our family and friends (who kept asking what we needed) can pick stuff we really need and can use. I put an earlier due date because BRU sends a coupon after the due date so you can buy what is left. Anyone else set up a baby registry?

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Ahhh 13 weeks! nothing like pressure to get you moving, with the holidays it will get busy and go by quickly I'm sure Smile

We set up a registry, my DD is nearly 9 so we had 0 baby items and we'll be having a shower so we wanted family and friends to be able to get what we still need. I've been picking up things through a children's consignment page on FB too, have gotten a few really good deals!

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Glad Max is healthy and strong! Biggrin

13 weeks doesn't sound like a whole lot of time...I like to look at it in months. It seems longer that way. LOL :rolleyes:

You're lucky that you're nesting already! I'm still waiting for mine to kick in. I hope soon because I feel like I'm just dragging with everything! lol

We have a private registry set up so I can keep track of things. I won't be giving out the registry info. I also set up my due as a month earlier so I can get the completion coupon but I'm really hoping to have everything purchased before then! Biggrin

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I love your decision on his name!
We set yo a BRU registry as well, but I had no idea about setting your due date early so you get the completion coupons! I feel kinda guilty about our registry though - I took a look at it last night and we have over 70 items on there! We haven't shared it with anyone, and it's really being used as a way for us to keep track of things, but still.....over 70 items? I feel like a bad person!

But OMG I think I just hit panic mode!! I just counted it out, and there's 14 weeks left from today to my due date!!! Holy Crap! ok, yup, this is panic.